Adobe Access

Adobe AccessAdobe® Access® software is a robust content protection and monetization solution that lets content owners, distributors, and advertisers realize new sources of revenue by providing seamless access to premium content. Access supports a wide range of business models, including video on demand, rental and electronic sell-through. Enterprises can also use Access to protect the integrity and privacy of their training or announcements delivered via video. You can distribute content protected with Access by streaming through Adobe Media Server software, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, progressive download, or permitting downloads to a content library for local playback at the consumer’s convenience on multiple screens.

Publishers utilizing Access can take advantage of integrated features that provide a robust and flexible solution for protecting premium content that supports a variety of business models, including video-on-demand, subscription, electronic sell-through and rental. Integrated with HTTP dynamic streaming, this solution also enables an optimized user experience by adapting delivery to the available bandwidth.
thePlatform PDK comes with four plug-ins that can be used in implementations that play content protected with Adobe’s Access DRM system. These plug-ins work in conjunction with content that has been processed and protected using thePlatform’s Entitlements workflow.

thePlatform’s Entitlements System integrates with Adobe Access DRM for content packaging and license generation. Data from a Rights object is used to fashion the policy that sets the restrictions enforced by the Flash Player.