Each one of our Video Advertising Platform Partners was carefully chosen to help us deliver additional value to the online video publishing and video content management systems we provide our customers. Working with these partners, we can provide a thorough and efficient way of managing, publishing, and generating revenue from your online videos now and in the future.

Adobe Auditude

Adobe Auditude’s platform enables ad targeting, inventory sharing, blind selling, multiple pricing models, geo-targeting, availability windows and real-time reporting to facilitate a flexible partnership between content owners and publishers. They help manage complex business rules to maximize revenue from video on your site. Read more »


AdoTube’s video platform helps publishers more efficiently utilize inventory through the use of various innovative & engaging in-stream ad formats. AdoTube offers monetization services through a premium ad network and an overlay ad exchange. AdoTube also provides creative services through an award winning in-house rich media creative team, and empower publishers to sell their own in-stream campaigns or serve in-house messages. Read more »


BlackArrow’s ad-management system provides the ultimate in advertising-model flexibility. This empowers your sales force to package and repackage a mix of ad units and targeting parameters in ways that make the most business sense. With total support for the sales cycle – from contracting to trafficking, playout and reporting — we let you focus on maximizing your revenues, and formulating the ad strategies that work best.


BrightRoll is a video advertising network, having served billions of advertisements since it was founded. BrightRoll helps major brands and agencies execute “smart video ad campaigns” across the industry’s leading publishers, including three-fourths of the top 100 online media properties in the United States. BrightRoll’s proprietary campaign execution, inventory management and advertising delivery technology provide brands and agencies with the reach, frequency and scalability needed to achieve their campaign goals.


Coull is a technology company that’s reinventing the way online video advertising works, creating lucrative additional revenue streams for publishers.

Utilizing a unique approach to deep classification of video content Coull Vidlinkr delivers branded in-video overlays that are contextually relevant to your video content, the type of person watching it, their location and device.

We offer publishers a sustainable way to increase revenue from online video inventory while engaging audiences, utilizing IAB-standard ad formats and maintaining relationships with brand safe advertisers. Read more »

DoubleClick for Publishers by Google

thePlatform’s system has a pre-defined advertising integration with DoubleClick, the leading provider of solutions for advertising agencies, marketers and web publishers to plan, execute and analyze their marketing programs. DoubleClick’s marketing solutions—online advertising, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, database marketing, data management and marketing resource management—help clients yield the highest return on their marketing dollar. Read more »


FreeWheel’s Monetization Rights Management (MRM) is a complete end-to-end online video syndication ad sales rights and ad management technology which simplifies the task of managing video ad sales, ad serving, and ad sales rights across widely-syndicated distribution channels. Read more »

Google AdSense for video

Google AdSense for video can help you make money from your content with engaging, non-intrusive ad formats. It offers a customized solution for your Flash video player, with in-video ads complemented by contextually targeted text overlays drawn from the world’s largest advertiser network. The ads are non-intrusive and sit in the bottom portion of the viewing area. With Google AFV, you can also earn revenue when users embed your videos across the web.


LiveRail, a Facebook company, is a leading monetization platform for publishers, broadcasters, and mobile app developers, providing them with technology to sell their inventory smarter and safer across devices. We support high value video and in-app mobile display formats, including native ad units that fit the look and feel of a specific app. By enabling simple management of all demand sources in one platform, including direct advertiser relationships and third-party real-time (RTB) buyers, publishers can understand the trade-off of filling an impression with one source versus another so ad revenue can be maximized.Using Facebook’s anonymized people-based demographic information, such as age and gender, we help publishers more accurately target their impressions, serve more relevant ads, and reduce the waste created by inaccurate delivery. This means publishers can deliver better ROI for their advertisers while improving the user experience at the same time. Our sophisticated controls mean publishers can control how they sell, to whom, and at what price. LiveRail’s advanced, real-time analytics allow our partners to get actionable insights into buyer behavior so they can track and pivot against every possible revenue and performance metric.


mDialog works with the largest media companies in North America to manage, deliver, and measure video advertising across IP-connected devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, GoogleTV, Apple TV, Roku and Xbox. The mDialog Smart Stream PlatformTM dynamically delivers in-stream uniquely addressable advertising within linear, live and video on-demand programming.

SmartAd Server

Smart AdServer develops and markets premium ad serving solutions for media agencies and publishers to manage display campaigns for Web, mobile and iPad/tablets.


SpotXchange is the trusted video advertising platform for premium publishers, connecting them with advertisers, agencies, trading desks, DSPs and ad networks to ensure they achieve maximum revenue for their inventory. SpotXchange shows premium publishers and more than 1,000 world class advertisers that there is a better way to buy and sell digital video – with trusted solutions that guarantee total transparency, brand safety and real-time control in an open market or directly executed through the SpotXchange platform. Headquartered north of Denver, SpotXchange has offices in New York, London, and Sydney and is ranked 1st on comScore for video ads served, reaching over 335 million unique visitors in more than 100 countries each month. Read more »

Tremor Video

Founded in 2005, Tremor Video (formerly Tremor Media) provides three-screen video advertising solutions to Fortune 1000 brand advertisers and top-tier publishers. Leveraging our innovative video ad formats and publisher technology, we deliver the mass reach and campaign results advertisers want from digital video. Our award-winning SE2 technology is the only video ad platform that pre-approves content at the video stream level for brand safety. Our Acudeo income engine provides publishers easy access to multiple sources of revenue and the ability to manage and monetize every video impression.


VideoClix and thePlatform have partnered to offer a rich and immersive interactive video solution, seamlessly integrated into thePlatform video players and streaming services. Read more »


TV networks use Watchwith’s Advanced TV platform to create, schedule and deliver in-program advertising and audience engagement. Watchwith’s proven SaaS solution includes broadcast quality producer tools, social, commerce, and web content integrations in addition to advanced syndication and distribution management to meet TV programmers’ unique business needs. In addition to our mpx Everywhere™ product, the Watchwith product suite enables distribution to social networks, smart TVs, MVPD set-tops, mobile and companion experiences. Read more »


YuMe, Inc. is a leading provider of digital video brand advertising solutions, which include video ad network Connected Audience Network (CAN) and video ad serving platform YuMe For Publishers (YFP). YuMe’s proprietary data-science driven technologies and large audience footprint drive inventory monetization and enable advertisers to reach targeted, brand receptive audiences across a wide range of Internet-connected devices. Designed to serve the specific needs of brand advertising, YFP simplifies the complexities associated with delivering effective digital video advertising campaigns in today’s highly-fragmented market.