A Better Way to Watch: Watchwith Everywhere for In-Program Content and Advertising

Posted By: Jeremy Harvey | Posted: 11.20.2014

Watchwith iconWatchwith, a trusted partner of thePlatform, provides TV networks with a proven Advanced TV platform to create, schedule and deliver perfectly timed in-program advertising and audience engagement.

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mpx Replay – Expedite Your Catch-Up and C3 Workflow Presentation

Posted By: Joanna Mullally | Posted: 11.19.2014

Slide postTV audiences are demanding the ability to watch their favorite programs whenever it’s most convenient for them – whether that be during a live broadcast, in a few hours, in a few days, or even in a few weeks post-broadcast.

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mpx Replay Expedite Your Linear Channel to Catch-up Video Workflow

Posted By: Erin Briney | Posted: 11.11.2014

mpx logoTV audiences today don’t always watch their favorite shows in real-time, they watch it on their time, on their schedule. For TV broadcasters, ensuring that the desired content is instantly available, during or after the broadcast airing, with all the correct metadata, content security, and policies in place can be challenging.

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Beyond Media Delivery and Management, Akamai and thePlatform’s Integration Includes Additional Solutions

Posted By: Joanna Mullally | Posted: 10.30.2014

Akamai logoAkamai, a long-standing partner of thePlatform, offers a variety of online video solutions that include media delivery, management, transcoding, and analytics, to name a few.

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Trainer’s Corner: Setting Up New mpx Users

Posted By: Kim Gualdoni | Posted: 10.28.2014

mpx logoThe process of getting more users up and running with mpx is easy. But before you begin adding team members, consider the specific role of each person and the permission level they need.

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