Creating a Better User Experience—Integrated Support of HTTP Live Streaming

Posted By: Ryan Bogden | Posted: 2.21.2011
Apple iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad devices—how do you send large amounts of video data to multiple devices over the network and still give the user a great experience? HTTP Live Streaming is one answer. Read More »

mpx Updates Simplify Workflow and Media Management

Posted By: Ericka Wood | Posted: 1.31.2011
As mpx adoption continues, we are excited to announce a new suite of features in today’s mpx release. Read More »

Evaluating Web Service APIs: Criteria for flexible video management

Posted By: Alan Ramaley | Posted: 1.11.2011
When we started thePlatform, no one else was developing a set of video management APIs that anybody could use to build an online media business. Instead, they developed user interfaces on top of proprietary systems that could only expand when developers felt like adding features. If you wanted to do your own development on top of their systems, you were out of luck.Since then we’ve had 10 years of continuous improvement and growth in our web service APIs. Other vendors started to add web services APIs over the same period and it’s now a standard part of evaluating a video management provider: “How good are the APIs, and can they grow with us?” Read More »

mpx makes simple video editing even easier

Posted By: Ryan Bogden | Posted: 1.6.2011
Anyone who works directly with visual media knows that working in a larger view simplifies editing tasks. This has been true since film editors first started working with printed film stock, and is still true in digital media. Video editors and producers have told us that making edits to video files in mpx would be a whole lot easier if they had more real estate to work in. Read More »

Five Benefits of Communities for Online Video

Posted By: Jordan Friedman | Posted: 12.22.2010
In my previous post, The Power of Communities for Online Video, I talked about harnessing the collective wisdom of online communities. I’d like to get into more detail about the benefits of letting your viewers attach comments to a corresponding video frame or segment so that people can actually watch programs “together” at different times. Read More »

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