Five Benefits of Communities for Online Video

Posted By: Jordan Friedman | Posted: 12.22.2010
In my previous post, The Power of Communities for Online Video, I talked about harnessing the collective wisdom of online communities. I’d like to get into more detail about the benefits of letting your viewers attach comments to a corresponding video frame or segment so that people can actually watch programs “together” at different times. Read More »

here! TV Launches Online Streaming Video Player

Posted By: Ericka Wood | Posted: 12.15.2010
We are excited to announce our latest initiative with here! TV. Read More »

The Power of Communities for Online Video

Posted By: Ericka Wood | Posted: 12.9.2010
The intelligence of communities is pretty amazing. People are smart. A group of people is even smarter – much smarter about certain things than any computer or artificial intelligence.Video content distributors that harness the “collective wisdom” of communities can see a number of benefits. But first, they need to understand what has driven these communities to develop. Read More »

508-compliance: A Player for Everyone

Posted By: Ryan Bogden | Posted: 12.1.2010
Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act requires that, along with other multimedia products, online video provide technologies and solutions to address the needs of those with disabilities Read More »

Two Essentials for Delivering Video Content to Internet-Connected Devices

Posted By: Jordan Friedman | Posted: 11.17.2010
We are in the midst – or perhaps just the early stages – of a rapid proliferation of media-consuming devices and content distribution mechanisms beyond set-top boxes (STBs) and PCs. A new wave of Internet-connected retail electronics – from Blu-ray players, to televisions, to gaming platforms – means that there are more devices than ever before on which consumers can choose to view content. Read More »

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