Trainer’s Corner: More Ways to Control Concurrent Streams

Posted By: Kim Gualdoni | Posted: 9.23.2014

mpx logoA concurrency restriction sets a fixed limit on the number of streams of content a subject (user, device or group) may view simultaneously.

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Streamhub: Big data is now one step away on thePlatform

Posted By: Jeremy Harvey | Posted: 9.23.2014

StreamhubLife does get hectic for us post IBC as Streamhub integrates its plug-in into the Player Development Kit (PDK) and the mpx API enabling thePlatform customers access their big data insights with just a simple 1 step integration.

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1 File, 1 URL – Easily Deliver Your Content to Thousands of Screens

Posted By: Joanna Mullally | Posted: 9.11.2014

Slide postConsumers expect their device-of-choice to be able to playback whatever premium video they want to watch. This is easier said than done, because many of the popular devices used by consumers do not support the same formatting standards.

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One File. One URL. Thousands of Screens.

Posted By: Alan Ramaley | Posted: 9.3.2014

mpx logoQuick… what video formats work on the device you’re reading this on? Or a better question: which video formats are optimized for the device you’re using?

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Trainer’s Corner: Drive engagement with your Tweets

Posted By: Kim Gualdoni | Posted: 8.19.2014

mpx logothePlatform now has Twitter Cards! Instead of pasting a link to a video in your tweet, the Twitter Cards allow you to embed a player experience into a Twitter stream.

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