Trainer’s Corner: Easy to Create and Easy to Show.  Tips for displaying an mpx player

Posted By: Kim Gualdoni | Posted: 3.18.2014

mpx logoCreating players in mpx using the Player Service is fairly easy. Well, displaying those players is easy too.

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Quickly Navigate within Videos: Introducing Filmstrips for HTML5 and Flash

Posted By: Erin Briney | Posted: 3.6.2014

Filmstrip blog thumbPlayer Filmstrips make it easy for viewers to navigate and find to their desired section within a video. Whether it is to rewind and re-watch a winning performance on a talent show or fast-forward to a favorite scene in a movie, viewers can easily locate the perfect moment in an online video to hit play.

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Your Company is Unique. Create a Custom Workflow for Your Business.

Posted By: Erin Briney | Posted: 3.5.2014

mpx logompx is the most flexible video management system in the market. Designed to automate some of the most complex management and business requirements in the industry, you can determine how your content flows through your system at every stage of the workflow.

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Trainer’s Corner: More Ways to Automatically Publish Your Content

Posted By: Kim Gualdoni | Posted: 2.25.2014

mpx logoWhen publishing content across multiple sites and devices, effective publishing management is critical. With Task Priority Settings, you can prioritize file processing tasks that occur when you publish.

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Mind the Queue: Ensure Your Important Content is Prioritized for Publishing

Posted By: Jeremy Harvey | Posted: 2.18.2014

mpx logoEvery company has content needs to be fast-tracked for publication. For news organizations, it’s the latest developments in a breaking story. For television programs, it’s ensuring that last night’s episode of a popular show is up on their website and posted in their sharing and syndication channels.

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