Add Closed-Captioning and More to Your Online Video

Posted 2/15/2008
by Ericka Wood, Marketing Director

There are a whole lot of cool features in the newest version of our Player Development Kit (PDK). Among the updates is closed captioning, which If you’ve got broadband players created with our Player Development Kit (PDK), you can now add closed captioning via the SAMI format.

What’s SAMI? Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange is an open standard developed by Microsoft and the Caption Center at WGBH, the Boston public television station. It allows the addition of closed captioning to Windows Media Player files. When closed captioning is set on a video clip, a corresponding SAMI text file is created, and the computer is signaled to find this text file as the clip plays.

It’s easy to add closed captioning to your content in thePlatform’s media publishing system (mps). Just associate your SAMI file (or files, if you have captions in multiple languages) with your media object in mps, and when the PDK player plays the clip, it will find the associated SAMI file(s) and display a “CC” button in the player. The viewer can click the button and select a language to turn the captions on. The player remembers the last-selected language, and displays captions in that language whenever they’re available.

The incorporation of the SAMI technology into our PDK helps you make your broadband video more accessible to a wider audience: individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, non-native speakers, and those desiring to improve their literacy skills can all benefit from this technology. Incorporating accessibility technologies is also required for distributors of government-owned video.

Some additional updates in the PDK 2.4:

Floating controls: When viewers go to full-screen mode, they now get larger-sized player controls.

Chapter markers: Now the player status bar for long-form content has marks at the chapter points.

Default ad patterns: You can now define a default ad pattern to alter the patterns for different player contexts.

Go to our knowledge base to download the PDK 2.4 with closed captioning support and other features.


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