Clickable Video Monetization

Posted 9/30/2011
by Jordan Friedman,

Written by: Babak Maghfourian, CEO, VideoClix

It should come as no surprise that monetizing online video doesn’t come without its challenges. One of the major obstacles content owners struggle with is balancing their content’s integrity and entertainment value with the need to generate strong viewer engagement and positive return on investment (ROI). Clickable video, also known as hyper video, helps solve this problem.

What is clickable video?

Clickable videos allow viewers to click on objects in-video to learn, shop, and play. Objects are linked to interesting fun-facts, back stories, sports stats, product info, ecommerce pages, sweepstakes, choose your own adventure scenarios, and much more. Many top tier brands and networks use this technology to engage audiences and make their content stand apart while generating impressive results.

A win/win/win scenario can be achieved for publishers, viewers and brands alike:

  • Publishers see a higher retention and ROI
  • Viewers are engaged through fun and personalized interactivity
  • Brands get to integrate their marketing messages into video in a non-intrusive, effective manner which lowers their cost of sales.

So how does clickable video improve monetization?

A typical clickable video receives one to three clicks per minute per viewer, depending on content. This engagement can be monetized through various mechanisms.

For example, each click can:

  • Display a contextual IAB ad and be sold in CPMs or CPCs. The click-through rate (CTR) on such ads is usually at least 5% and can be over 25% if the content is produced and edited with interactivity in mind.
  • Link a product to an ecommerce page and generate direct sales. This could be a store front-end, product review, fashion show, or branded entertainment.
  • Provide fun facts and backstory sponsored by an advertiser. Typically these are reality shows and music videos similar to pop-up-videos.

With the right technology, you can repurpose your videos by applying interactivity to your content, or to achieve the best results, create original content with interactivity in mind.

The workflow is very simple. You simply identify which objects you’d like to make clickable in the video and where they should link to. When the authoring process is complete, you can embed the video in any webpage or post to social media sites like Facebook. The interactivity then draws traffic from the video page to your object’s designated landing page.

Viewers can even “Like”, Post and Tweet objects directly from within the video, making it viral, sticky and profitable. This next gen video technology also comes with some cool futuristic features like object radar and product glow effects, which give viewers feedback on what’s being interacted with, in real time.

Measuring and Monetizing Engagement

Allowing viewers to interact with objects in-video opens up a new dimension in measuring viewer engagement. It’s important to focus not only on object clicks but also on rollovers, object popularity, and time of popularity in order to produce better interactive experiences and content in the future.

Here are some average engagement metrics you can expect on clickable short form content (2 to 3 min long)*

Rollovers per Viewer: 10 to 25
Clicks per Viewer per Min: 1 to 3
Retention: 1.1x to 1.2x
Ad CTR: 5% to 15%

* numbers vary depending on content type

As a result, brands and ecommerce sites can more effectively promote products by creating rich shopping videos and branded entertainment. Networks, portals, aggregators and eMagazines can monetize content with viewer-initiated ads and sponsorships.

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