Community features give video viewers a reason to stay

Posted 4/4/2008
by Ericka Wood, Marketing Director

How do you motivate your web video audience to linger? We’ve been working on solving the plight of encouraging video viewer participation, and this week we launched our new mpsPresent Community Toolkit that contains a great collection of new features like ratings, favorites, and tag clouds that you use with our Player Development Kit to entice users to interact.

Web video viewers have come to expect that you’ll give them a way to relate with your content and to each other. People want to participate in conversations, share likes and dislikes, and group themselves into clusters with others who have similar interests. Give them easy ways to interact, and they’ll stay on your site for the same reason anyone stays at a great cocktail party—the company’s good, there’s something interesting going on, and there’s the promise something out-of-the-ordinary will happen. You have to set up the space so people can clump together and find each other. Tagging, sharing, commenting, and other community features are like hor d’oeuvre platters around the room where people can hang out, chat, and draw others into the conversation. It’s a way to oil the social machine so everyone can have a good time.

Learn more about the Community Toolkit from your Account Manager here at thePlatform, and be sure to check out the new features in the demo.


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