Conviva Viewer Insights (beta): Providing Real-Time Video Analytics to Customers

Posted 11/5/2012
by Ericka Wood, Marketing Director

At thePlatform we are committed to providing our customers with a best-in-class solution. Which is why we are excited to announce our partnership with Conviva, a market leader in real-time analytics. Our customers now have the opportunity, at no additional cost, to leverage Conviva Viewer Insights (beta) – providing publishers with the ability to monitor and manage statistics related to the consumer experience and viewing quality within players and across devices.

Ensure a Great Viewing Experience

Ensuring a great viewing experience in every player, on every device, is critical to customer satisfaction and engagement. Real-time quality of service reporting provides companies with current, actionable information on which they can base their decisions and strategy.

Conviva Viewer Insights (beta) adds a new layer of dynamic reporting to the mpx management console. Customers can continue to access our server-side analytics in addition to the new player-based reports, ensuring that decision makers have all the data necessary to make decisions that affect their viewership.

Viewer Insights (beta) is comprised of two sets of real-time and historical reports: Quality of Service and Audience Insights. Quality of Service reporting allows publishers to instantly monitor and track information such as: video start-up times, video buffering, start failures and top-viewed content. Audience insights data includes peak concurrent views, total video views, unique viewers, view duration distribution and geospatial engagement.

Extend your Analytics Capabilities

thePlatform is built to be open, extensible, and flexible; three qualities that allow us to work closely with industry-leading solutions to ensure that our customers always have access to tools and services that add direct value to their business.

In addition to Conviva Viewer Insights (beta), mpx users can easily extend their reporting tools to include Conviva Precision, which automatically optimizes each and every viewer’s experience by accurately predicting the causes of poor video and preemptively addressing these issues – before the viewing experience is affected. The teams at thePlatform and Conviva are working together to ensure that all of our collective users have access to the best management and reporting tools in the market.

Learn More about Conviva Viewer Insights (beta)

To learn more about the analytics tools available from thePlatform, or to discuss how to get started with Conviva Viewer insights (beta), contact thePlatform.


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