Feature Release: Priority Publishing

Posted 9/26/2012
by Erin Briney, Product Marketing Manager

When publishing content across multiple screens and site locations, effective publishing queue management is critical. With Priority Publishing, media can be tagged and prioritized automatically based on pre-set business rules. Whether companies need to prioritize featured or premium content, ensure quick availability to a particular device, or effectively manage large content bundles from a specific provider, Priority Publishing can be set to handle all your complex queue criteria.

How it Works

mpx Publish Profiles streamline the entire publishing process. Content managers can pre-configure scenarios for publishing videos to PCs, devices, tablets, and TVs within a profile and, with one click, apply the publishing criteria across a volume of content. Profiles can include rules around file selection, transcoding, applying asset types and ensuring file movement to the right location.
The new Priority Publishing feature within the Publish Profile addresses large queues for transcoding videos. It is specifically designed for media companies that manage and publish large volumes of content in a limited time frame. mpx users can now prioritize on any or all of the following characteristics:
Categories: such as “Featured Content” on your website
Content Providers: set priority ranking to content that arrives from multiple content providers
Availability: Set “rush windows” for content that needs to be published immediately
Custom: create your own prioritization characteristic with a Groovy script

With a greater ability to prioritize publishing tasks, mpx users can focus on the most important tasks first and ensure that media is available to consumers when it needs to be.

Ready to get started?

Priority publishing is now available to all of our current customers.

Learn more about Priority Publishing by reaching out to your Account Manager or contact us.


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