Increase Speed and Efficiency with Workflow Enhancements

Posted 12/17/2012
by Ericka Wood, Marketing Director

In an increasingly multi-screen world, management of large content libraries is becoming a very complex task. Multiple file formats for the litany of devices, maintaining business policies and rules enforcement for the myriad content relationships, and ensuring expedient and attractive delivery of that content to the end user can be a daunting task.

thePlatform is the market leader in handling complex media management and distribution strategies. In recent updates to the mpx console, we’ve incorporated a new suite of smart workflow features that help to both enable and simplify the media management workflow for our customers – which include some of the world’s largest media companies.

The Power of Choice
When building our products, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to media management. Each customer has a unique strategy to deliver an excellent viewing experience to their end users. Our flexible system provides the opportunity to utilize best-in-class partner solutions throughout the workflow process.

Fast Content Ingest

Select from multiple options to quickly ingest media: utilize feed readers, watch folders and metadata adapters. Customers with large libraries of content can take advantage of thePlatform’s integration with Aspera’s unique fasp high speed file transfer technology – which provides secure, predictable and scalable transfers regardless of file size or distance between endpoints.

Multi-Device File Management

Even as video consumption within the multi-platform world continues to increase, viewers expect a premium viewing experience whether they’re watching on a phone, PC or connected TV. Maintaining this high quality viewing experience across multiple platforms means more file formats, aspect ratios and bit rates – managing transcoding queues and transcode speed becomes an even more complex task. mpx now works with Elemental and Harmonic to offer a multi-file transcoding solution – creating all the files you require from one source file. We also applying smart monitoring to the transcode process; if one file encounters an error, only that single file is stopped and restarted. mpx can also identify if a required file already exists in the system or if one file in the transcoding list can be leveraged for multiple outputs – reducing redundancy in file creation.

Advanced Publishing Tools

Ensure that your viewers enjoy an excellent viewing experience – on every device – by leveraging Akamai’s latest HTTP delivery technology. Supported as part of their new Sola Media Solutions, the technology allows progressive media downloading and adaptive bit streaming to a variety of platforms including HTML5, Flash, iOS and Silverlight.

Customize the viewing experience of your media files and ensure that content is readily accessible by creating, updating and managing the rules around content publishing directly in the mpx console. Ensure that your premium content is available quickly by setting priority publishing rules based on source, category and availability window. View and update encoding profiles, create custom commands and edit your media quickly and easily.

See it in Action

The best way to see how these features work is through a demo. Contact your account manager or set up a time to view and discuss options for improving your current workflow.


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