mpx Updates Simplify Workflow and Media Management

Posted 1/31/2011
by Ericka Wood, Marketing Director

As mpx adoption continues, we are excited to announce a new suite of features in today’s mpx release.

Messaging Service

When we developed mpx Mobile, we did so with the understanding that online video is a 24-hour business. In that same line of thinking, we’re continuing to develop services that make it easier for our customers to manage their around-the-clock business. Our new messaging service does just that.

With the messaging service, account administrators can set up email notifications that are triggered when events occur within their account. Publish status changes, deleted media, media approvals, etc.—the messaging service insures that our customers can stay on top of what’s going on in their account 24/7.

Administrators can configure their notifications within mpx, through the following options:

  • The type of event that triggers the notification
  • The email template to use
  • The list of recipients
  • How often to send an email

The messaging service has a number of templates included, but also supports template creation for special use cases.

Publish Status

Our new Publish Status panel makes monitoring your publishing faster and easier, by displaying all of the relevant publish status information in a single panel on the media view pane. Confirm publish actions and troubleshoot errors right from the media view in mpx to save time in your workflow.

Feed Adapters

While thePlatform supports RSS feeds natively through the mpx console many times it is necessary to customize the MRSS output to meet the specific needs of content partners. Our Feed Adapters are designed to make this process customizable, allowing customers to meet the requirements of many outlets without having to create multiple feeds.

Feed Adapters rely on XSLT templates to parse the feed and reformat the results. These templates can be implemented directly by our customers within the mpx console, or we’re happy to assist with the process through an engagement with one of our Technical Account Managers. Check with your account manager to enable Feed Adapters in your account.


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