New features in mps 16.2

Posted 5/12/2008
by Ericka Wood, Marketing Director

We’ve got a great grab-bag of new features in the media publishing system 16.2 release. For more detail on these updates, see the release notes in our technical resource center.

  • Account-wide geo-restrictions: Apply geo-restrictions at the account level without having to set them on individual clips. In the mps console, you can set up this restriction in Settings > General > Delivery Limits.
  • Limelight Networks cache balancing support: Limelight uses a cache balancing strategy that delivers a customer’s content files from a single CDN store through multiple virtual hosts. The mps now provides an easy way to automatically assign a serial number in the URL of each media file, so that requests for the file from the CDN will always use the correct URL.
  • Cisco CDS token support: Use a new parameter on the substitution for Cisco’s Content Delivery System token support.
  • Multiple releases to servers: A new parameter in the mps API’s addContent method allows you to add media to your account and create releases in a single call, and specify multiple delivery servers on which to deploy those releases. This is particularly useful if you’re using server load-balancing and want the same file to show up on multiple release servers.
  • MSN mode for SMIL files: Add a “&msn=true” parameter to a release request to use SMIL files with MSN’s latest player.
  • Velocix support: We now work with new CDN Velocix.
  • Move HD file support: This release supports some of Move’s additional file patterns for HD ingest.


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