New mpsManage Transcoding Service now in beta

Posted 3/4/2008
by Ericka Wood, Marketing Director

Transcoding, the direct digital-to-digital conversion from one codec to another, is a critical piece of the online media publishing process. It involves decoding/decompressing the original data to a raw intermediate format, and then re-encoding this into the target format.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. thePlatform allows for a number of ways to go about transcoding. One solution you should consider is using our mpsManage Transcoding Service that does this format transformation process for you. This new beta service is easy to set up: simply call us, we add the service to your account, and we start channeling your files through our shared transcoding service. We like to think of it as an all-you-can eat buffet. You fill up your plate as often as you want and we charge you every month. If your transcoding needs are special, and a shared service is not your cup of tea, you can have a dedicated server instead. And we support multiple encoding profiles, so don’t worry about whether we support your file types.

Other broadband video systems might charge you per minute, or make you download software, or they may not have a solution at all. Some vendors’ transcoding services only outputs to Flash video, which don’t exactly broaden your distribution business. They may just tell you to go call a transcoding vendor on your own. That can work out okay, but you’ll have to do some homework so you can work out the following nitty-gritty details with the transcoding service:

  • Whether the transcoding service support both PC and Mac input and output formats
  • If there are restrictions on aspect ratios, data rates/bitrates, or file sizes
  • If the system require a separate install, and what kind of software support you can expect

You could do the transcoding in-house, but you’ll have to consider capitalized equipment and licensing costs and training a transcoding specialist. You may think your broadband video volume demands only a part-time in-house transcoding resource, but if you don’t have someone skilled in preparing video programming for distribution to a variety of sources, a part-time transcoding specialist can quickly take over your production team’s time.

Save yourself the work and send the media through our hosted service instead. Taking the transcoding worry off your plate simply gives you fewer things to keep track of and more time to think about your business.

Contact us for more information on this new service.


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