Overlay support in the PDK

Posted 5/19/2008
by Ericka Wood, Marketing Director

With the increasing popularity of the overlay ad for broadband video advertising, we are often asked if the Player Development Kit supports this format. It’s actually pretty easy to add an image or a Flash movie overlay to your video. There are two ways to do it:

1. For a simple overlay, define a custom Image field named “overlayAd” in your account, and make it available on the Media tab. For media to which you want to add an overlay, add the image source and the link. You can also define playlists that contain images and wrap them around other clips, and the overlays will move forward to the next clip.

2. New API features enable you to replace the “play” overlay that appears at the start of a Video Only player with your own Flash overlay. If you integrate with an advertising engine, you can display an overlay at particular points in the timeline, have it appear in different areas of the player window, or show multiple overlays at a time.

If you’re not yet using the most recent PDK 3.0 release, download the Windows Installer or the ZIP archive now.


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