Sharing video clips is easier than ever!

Posted 3/12/2012
by Kim Gualdoni, Sr. Corporate Trainer

Trainer’s Corner: mpx and Player Dev Kit make it easy to enable social networking and share content 

You can configure the player to allow viewers to share video clips with friends by sending an email or by forwarding to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s how it works:

The share form contains a preview player, which shows the current position of the current clip, and an excerpt scrubber, which lets the user select a playback range to share only a portion of the clip, if they so choose.

There are four tabs in the default sharing form:
1. The Post tab lets users post the clip to one or more social networking sites.
2. The Email clip allows them to email it to one or more recipients.
3. The Link tab lets users copy a link directly to a player for this clip (users can then forward the link using email, instant messaging, or any other tool they happen to have).
4. The Embed tab provides users with HTML, which they can use to embed the clip in their own websites.

mpx’s Player Service Makes Sharing Easier

You can increase social network reach by encouraging viewers to share videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. thePlatform’s Player Service is white-listed with Facebook for in-stream playback of shared links.

For a Complete Overview

All of this info, and much more, is detailed in our Player Dev Kit User Guide in the Technical Resource Center.


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