TVE Opens the Door to More Than We Expected

Posted 4/17/2012
by Ryan Bogden, Product Marketing Manager

What TVE 2.0 means to the programmers

When we first announced the arrival of TV Everywhere 2.0, we underscored the obvious benefits to the Pay TV Operator. But that was just the beginning. mpx’s Subscriber Groups and Subscription Packages also benefit the programmers, giving them a new way to model their affiliate deals and content packages. And the timing of this technology couldn’t be more perfect, as they are just beginning to tap into the potential of their own online services.

More viewer options, more satisfied viewers

mpx’s new Subscriber Groups and Subscription Packages features allow programmers to more easily offer content packages that are specific to their various content agreements with pay TV operators. Because most deals vary with each affiliate, programmers can now manage the distribution and segmentation of their content in mpx.

Example: Let’s say you have three types of content you publish: full length video, trailers, and promotional clips. The deals you might have in place with your partners determine the type of content users can view. If operators, such as Cox, Time Warner, and Comcast each have different content their subscribers can view, you can model those relationships in mpx and apply the appropriate rights and restrictions to your media.

How it’s done:

1. Create a Subscriber Group—in this case it would be by operator.
2. Set the criteria and all of the attributes of the group.
3. Create your Subscription Packages, based on the type of content offered in the package: full length content, trailers, and promotional.

You can virtually set this up to key off of any number of attributes either stored in mpx or pulled from other systems.

A new way to model and enforce policies

Although pay TV operators and programmers both benefit from the Subscriber Groups and Subscription Packages features, they take advantage of them in different ways. The real difference now is how they model and enforce their new content agreements. Rather than relying on legacy backend systems, programmers can now model and enforce these polices directly in their online video platform.
This is a huge leap for programmers, as they can now add more value to their services, differentiate themselves in the market, upsell, promote their services across more devices, and the list keeps going.

Take the next step – read our white paper

Our latest white paper: TV Everywhere 2.0 – Subscriber Groups – Subscription Policies dives into these features in much greater detail. I welcome you to check it out.


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