Wall Street Journal Covers thePlatform

Posted 7/22/2008
by Ericka Wood, Marketing Director

We’re excited about today’s Wall Street Journal article highlighting our new customers Time Warner Cable Inc., Cablevision Systems Corp., and Cox Communications Inc. Adding these major cable operators means that, including Comcast, thePlatform now powers the video portals for four of the five largest US cable companies, helping these cable giants meet high-speed Interent consumers’ demand for online television shows, movies, and other Internet clips.

The article also discloses that comScore Networks’ May 2008 video matrix apportions thePlatform 270 million video views for our customers. If thePlatform were a consumer site, this would rank us in the top five video sites on the web. The difference is that the content we deliver is almost entirely professionally produced. So that’s a lot of high-quality content that we’re publishing for our customers to help them generate revenue.

Peter Stern, Chief Strategy Officer for Time Warner Cable, had the following to say about working with thePlatform: “Part of our core mission is to provide robust and compelling video experiences for consumers, whether in front of their TVs or PCs. As online video continues to grow in popularity on Road Runner, we need an efficient and proven way to continue meeting the growing demand. We’re working with thePlatform because of their versatility and ability to create solutions uniquely tailored to our needs.”

To learn more, you can read the article on the Wall Street Journal’s site (subscription required).


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