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Authenticated Views Jump & Monetization Opportunities Expand

Posted By: Joanna Mullally | Posted: 12.19.2013

FreewheelAccording to the recently released Q3 2013 Video Monetization Report by FreeWheel, authenticated video viewing grew an impressive 217% in the past year. The report also reveals that 14% of all ad views on long-form content are authenticated.

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I Want My HGTV Everywhere: 2013 Trends & Best Practices of TVE

Posted By: Marty Roberts | Posted: 11.18.2013

TV EverywhereIn the past five years, TV Everywhere (TVE) has moved from a handful of offerings available only in a few selected markets to a smorgasbord of network offerings for viewers around the world to consume. Also within that timeframe, the number of video-enabled devices connected to the internet has grown exponentially. Together, these two trends indicate a huge opportunity for the media and Pay TV companies that offer TV Everywhere.

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The Future of TV

Posted By: Ian Blaine | Posted: 9.25.2013

In the past few years there has been much speculation about the end of TV as we know it and what the future of TV would look like. Some very interesting features and new services have emerged, but we still haven’t seen the predicted revolution of cord-cutting come to pass. Instead we’ve seen steady evolution that I think over time will set the stage for broader transformation.

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5 Things That Make for a Smart Video Player

Posted By: Ericka Wood | Posted: 5.28.2013
Every company has a different way of presenting media, and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. But there are a few must-have features. Here are 5 must-have capabilities every video player should have. Read More »

Marty Roberts Named to ‘40 Under 40’ list

Posted By: Marty Roberts | Posted: 4.6.2012
For 2012, the editors have chosen 40 high-performing executives, under the age of 40, who are helping their companies grow and succeed, while playing an important part in mapping the future of cable and telecommunications. Read More »

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