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Alcatel-Lucent brings TV everywhere, cloud services to Telecable

Posted By: Jeremy Harvey | Posted: 9.11.2013

Alcatel-Lucent and Telecable, Spain’s regional fibre operator, are working together in order to launch a TV everywhere service before the end of the year. The platform will be based on IPTV technology and will offer a personal recording service on the cloud, according to Europa Press.

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Posted By: Erin Briney | Posted: 5.20.2013
One size doesn’t fit all – especially when it comes to creating an optimal video management solution based on your company’s unique needs and business strategy. When we designed mpx, we created it to be truly open and extensible, with a set of APIs that easily hook into partner services - allowing all of our customers to leverage best-in-class services and create a solution specifically tailored to their needs. Read More »

Xbox and the Battle over the Living Room

Posted By: Ericka Wood | Posted: 7.20.2012
Cypress' Dan Riley shares his thoughts on where the media industry is headed and how the Xbox and Windows 8 will play a big role. Read More »

Online Video Advertising - thePlatform’s Perspective

Posted By: Jordan Friedman | Posted: 4.27.2012
Many industry experts predicted that 2012 would be a big year for online video ad spending. This comes as good news for companies that rely on advertising as part of their revenue model. Fortunately, thePlatform has strong partnerships with the best in the industry. Read More »

An Approach to Developing a TV-E Solution for the Mid-Market

Posted By: Ryan Bogden | Posted: 3.28.2012
Empathy Lab has established a set of user interface design modules, integrated with thePlatform’s technology, that leverage user experience best practices, highly engaging interaction design, and successful content promotion strategies that gets you out of the gate quickly, and sets the foundation for future innovation and growth. Read More »

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