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A Better Way to Watch: Watchwith Everywhere for In-Program Content and Advertising

Posted By: Jeremy Harvey | Posted: 11.20.2014

Watchwith iconWatchwith, a trusted partner of thePlatform, provides TV networks with a proven Advanced TV platform to create, schedule and deliver perfectly timed in-program advertising and audience engagement.

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Beyond Media Delivery and Management, Akamai and thePlatform’s Integration Includes Additional Solutions

Posted By: Joanna Mullally | Posted: 10.30.2014

Akamai logoAkamai, a long-standing partner of thePlatform, offers a variety of online video solutions that include media delivery, management, transcoding, and analytics, to name a few.

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Streamhub: Big data is now one step away on thePlatform

Posted By: Jeremy Harvey | Posted: 9.23.2014

StreamhubLife does get hectic for us post IBC as Streamhub integrates its plug-in into the Player Development Kit (PDK) and the mpx API enabling thePlatform customers access their big data insights with just a simple 1 step integration.

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Digiflare: TV Everywhere in 72 Hours with mpx and Videa

Posted By: Jeremy Harvey | Posted: 8.19.2014

DigiflareAccording to the recent ADI Report, year-over-year growth for TV Everywhere is 246%. Gaming consoles and OTT access points also saw a 539% share growth in TV everywhere video starts.

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3Play Media Integration: Simplifying the Captioning and Subtitling Process

Posted By: Jeremy Harvey | Posted: 7.29.2014

3Play MediaAs many online video publishers know, the FCC has spent much of the past few years working to instate closed captioning requirements for IP delivered media. Particularly in the entertainment industry, most online video is now required by law to be captioned.

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