Online Video Syndication

Grow your audience with Video Syndication

Wherever your audience may be, show them what you’ve got with a variety of distribution options that stretch your broadband video investments. Check out the resources below to learn more about Online Video Syndication using thePlatform.

Read our Syndication White Paper

Broad distribution and video syndication is a great way to ensure your audience sees your content. thePlatform supports a variety of mobile and web destinations for you to syndicate your content to. A smart process ingests content; matching metadata and file format requirements to each destination. Read the white paper.

Watch our Syndication Demo

Present your content to more people in more places, more often. Learn more about mpsConnect’s 3 unique methods to share your video; media syndication, feeds syndication, and player syndication. Watch the demo.

Read our mpsConnect White Paper

When maintenance and development time add up, video publishing revenues dip down. That’s why the mpsConnect service was created. Content providers can rely on mpsConnect and thePlatform’s other video publishing services to take a media object and “ingest once, publish anywhere.” mpsConnect significantly reduces the technical resources required to support and manage distribution agreements, and allows providers to concentrate on capturing new online video syndication opportunities. Read the white paper.