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Posted 9/25/2013
by Erin Briney, Product Marketing Manager

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Audiences are presented with more entertainment options than ever before. From new original content to back-catalog access, viewers can select from any number of TV shows, events, and movies to view. And they can watch this content on the screen of their choice – whether it be a game console, iPad, or set-top box.

But how do viewers discover and select their content? Metadata is the basis for every rich user experience – which is why thePlatform provides enhanced metadata management with our TV Data Services. Easily ingest, update, and share information about your programs, their cast and crew, and when they are available, either immediately in your VOD library or in the next few days on a linear channel.

Programmers: Centralize and Control Your Content Metadata

Create a central, shared source for metadata about your programs. mpx TV Data Services make it easy to describe and decorate your shows with a rich metadata set. Custom fields can be accommodated as easily as standard fields, and once the metadata is within mpx, it can be updated and edited to ensure accuracy.

Your metadata is easily shared with any number of syndication outlets. Programmers have full control over how their content is tagged, described, and showcased through all of the channels they utilize.

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Power a dynamic user experience on your website or app. The underlying metadata provides all the information your viewing audience needs regarding content purchases in a storefront, episode information in live linear listings, and more. The extensive metadata allows for deep content search and discovery throughout a content library. Viewers can search within media libraries and products by any parameter you allow such as title, series, credits, availability, and genre.

Operators: Create Virtual TV Experiences Online

Viewing audiences expect a common experience across their devices. Create a familiar TV experience online, in apps and IP set-top boxes, allowing your viewing audience to peruse and view live linear listings alongside on-demand content.

The mpx TV Data Service automates rich metadata ingest from a number of sources, such as Rovi or Tribune Media Services and connects with the listings data for each channel. This allows you to power television experiences across set-top boxes, applications, and websites all from the same media library in mpx. Viewers can explore TV listings, discover more about the programs available, and then click to watch within the user-interface.

Operators can view and manage their content availability in real time – and expose the availability to users instantly. Within the TV listings view in the mpx console, program start and end times can be quickly updated to account for a sporting event running long or a special news update overriding previously planned programming.

With TV Data Services in mpx, you have all the tools you need to create an interactive TV experience across devices.

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