Online Video Publishing with mpx

Online video publishing is easy with mpx – the most complete video management system available. With its dependable enterprise-class performance and efficient publishing to a range of PCs, mobile devices, and TVs, you won’t have to spend nearly as much time on the logistics of your business. As the leading online video publishing platform and video content management system, mpx will help you manage your video library, give you personalized workflows, and automate your publishing process. Built on top of our service-oriented architecture, you can get started quickly and will feel assured knowing that mpx will scale with your needs as your business grows.

mpx is the easiest online video publishing platform

From ingest to publishing to feeds, the mpx console simplifies and streamlines your video management every step of the way.

  • Automatically ingest video content with mpx Feed Readers or Watch Folders
  • Efficiently transcode and deliver multiple files in a single step with Harmonic and Elemental transcoding services, and Aspera fast-file transfer
  • Save time by setting shortcuts to your everyday views and tasks
  • Create thumbnails or set chapter points with simple editing
  • Schedule, monitor, and manage Live Events within the mpx console
  • Post-broadcast, have your Live Event files seamlessly converted to video assets in your library
  • Support multiple dynamic streaming video formats like Akamai HTTP Live Streaming, Adobe HDS, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • Easily reach a wide variety of internet-connected, video-enabled devices with mpx Publish Profiles
  • Have your online video channel updated dynamically when you add new video and/or editorial content
  • Use the mpx Player Service to create and manage great-looking players for PCs, tablets, smartphones, and OTT devices
  • Enhance and manage your metadata with mpx, which supports deep search capabilities and powers interactive internet TV experiences (otherwise known as TV Everywhere or TVE)
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video players

mpx supports complex online video business models

mpx has the broadest array of tools to help your online video business succeed:

  • Our online video advertising policies that can address when to present an ad and designate which ad server to work with
  • Build a digital store with the help of our Consulting Services team
  • Use mpx Reports and Conviva Viewer Insights to track your online video business
  • Our internet TV, otherwise known as TV Everywhere or TVE, solution authenticates users and authorizes playback based on their subscription package
  • Control access to your online video content with restrictions using stream concurrency, geo-blocking, IP addresses, tokens, access keys, domains, and availability windows
  • Expand your video syndication reach with mpx Connectors, mpx Players, or mpx Feeds
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Deliver a Great Viewing Experience

The Player Service in mpx lets you create highly functional and attractive players for any video-enabled device:

  • Customize and manage great-looking video players for PCs, mobile devices, and OTT devices with the mpx Player Service
  • Increase online video views with dynamic or curated feeds, drag-and-drop ordering, and lineup previews
  • Ensure a positive viewing experience on every device with seamless switching between HTML5 and Flash players
  • Get full support for your social media plan with our Facebook, Twitter, and other integrations
  • Easy access for embedding codes, links, and HTML for video players
  • Extend the capabilities of your player with plugins for online video advertising, analytics, discovery, and more
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The only enterprise-class online video platform (OVP)

mpx offers unparalleled expertise and support for your online video business:

  • mpx provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee for consumer services, the highest in the industry
  • Transcode, encrypt, and move files from within your network with the mpx Remote Media Processor
  • Get help whenever you need it with our 24/7 phone support and dedicated team of mpx Account Managers and Client Integration Engineers
  • Access end-to-end service capabilities with our experienced Consulting Services team
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